Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Premiere

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've been a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars from the beginning. I have never read the books and really don't plan on it but this series is amazing. It has love, drama, humor, adventure, and TONS of secrets. I love the mystery behind it and I have heard we are only getting started since finding out who "A" was.  Now we need to figure out who the black swan is and who is the mastermind behind the whole "A" Team. 

Now for the regular questions:
-Who is your favorite character? My favorite character is Hanna. In the beginning she was super stuck up and she has really transformed and I lover her hilarious one liners.
-Who is your favorite couple? It's definitely a tie between Hanna + Caleb and Spencer + Toby.  Most would say Ezra and Aria. I honestly can't stand the two and I wish they would just break up. The relationship is so weird to me. 

If you didn't already notice, I love gifs.


Melissa Pitz said...

I loveee this show too, but I never had time to watch the second season, so I'm so behind! Do you know anywhere online I can catch up? Love the new blog :)

Shannon said...

My favorite character is Spencer! I think she's absolutely perfect. Smart, and gorgeous. And honestly I think that the rest of the liars would be completely lost without her. She's kind of the one who really solves everything.
My favorite couple WOULD be Spencer and Wren, if they actually ever got together. I think they have the best chemistry and that he's much more compatible with her than Toby. And yeah, I think Aria and Ezra are annoying too. Aria was my favorite in the books and I loved her relationship with Ezra in the books, but it's too gushy in the show and both Ezra and Aria lack the edge they had in the book series.

Liz Pulice said...

I am obsessed with this show!
I'm pretty positive it was Melissa wearing the black swan dress.
& so far, richard and i have figured out that mona [obvs], melissa, ian, garrett, jenna, and lucas are all a part of the A Team.

what are you thoughts?