Favorite YouTube Channels

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've been watching YouTube videos for about two years now. No, I don't mean tutorials or just funny videos someone tells you to watch. I mean like people who get paid to film their daily life or put up silly videos. Here are some of my favorite:

This is a blurry photo, but this is the "Shaytard" family. Shay Carl (the dad) started a venture to film everyday for a year and they grew into a huge phenomenon online. Now they've been filming for three years. Everyday they film their life and they've taken their fans through death, weight loss, a bunch of houses, and much more! They are an amazing family and such wonderful parents! Watch their videos HERE.

She's hilarious. Seriously. I'm pretty sure you'd all love her IKEA video. More of her videos HERE.

I get all of my news from Philip DeFranco. He makes it funny and completely understandable.

Nigahiga is HILARIOUS. I love his videos he does with all his friends including D-trix from America's Best Dance Crew.


Samantha said...

Awesome! I think I'll check them out. :)

Liesl said...

Thank you for introducing me to Daily Grace...she is adorable, and somehow I've missed her being on YouTube! :)